Jesus was God in Human Form

Proof Jesus was God in Human Form

Eternal Salvation Through the Christ

How To Personally Know GOD
God is very mysterious, but He is also a close personal God.

Seek God with your whole heart

Test God

Read the bible and Pray

Scripture on God wanting arelationship with you

Did Christ Prove Himself?


He Rose from the Grave, The Resurrection
(now there is scientific evidence to prove it)

More Proof Jesus Rose from the Grave-The Shroud of Turin

How is Jesus unique?

What Does The Bible Say About The Christ

He is the Almighty

He is the Creator

He is the Judge

He is God in Human FOrm

He is coming again for the faithful

What Did Christ Say about Himself?

What Does Christ Say about Himself?

He said, "I AM"

He Said, "I am the ONLY WAY"

Scientific Evidence Jesus was a Real Person

Did Jesus Exist? 1-4 (Real Evidence Jesus Existed)
Non-Biblical Evidence (Videos)

Evidence For Jesus:

Evidence Jesus was a real Person Jesus (Non-Videos)